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Dr. Bryan Brooks of Richmond Eye Associates discusses cataracts.

Is your cloudy vision caused by cataracts?

Just about everyone will develop cataracts at some point, and the likelihood increases dramatically as you get older. Symptoms include cloudy vision, as if you’re looking through a film, and problems with nighttime glare. If left untreated, long-term effects include severely compromised vision and, eventually, blindness.

The good news is that loss of vision caused by cataracts can be repaired. A safe, routine, 10-15 minute surgery to insert a new lens using high frequency ultrasound to break up the cataracts, a small suction device to gently remove them and replacement with a small intraocular lens means patients are in and out in less than two hours, and enjoy a life-changing improvement to their eyesight the very next day.

In many cases, people who wore glasses no longer need them, as the intraocular lens restores vision.

One of the best things about cataract surgery is the return on investment. For the cost of this surgery, which is covered by Medicare and most insurers, patients enjoy a dramatic improvement in their vision and their quality of life.

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Dr. Brooks - Richmond Eye Surgeon

Bryan Brooks, M.S., M.D. of Richmond Eye Associates
Dr. Brooks specializes in small-incision cataract extraction with lens implant, medical management of glaucoma, laser surgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic diseases of the eye. He performs routine comprehensive examinations, as well as those for the management of ocular disease. He has a particular interest in the premier multifocal lens implants for cataracts.

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