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Shoulder pain treatment explained by Dr. Sharma.

Dr. Vivek Sharma of Colonial Orthopaedics discusses shoulder dislocation.

What are the treatment options for a dislocated shoulder?

When the ball of your shoulder slips out of the socket, it can cause serious damage to the surrounding tendons and ligaments. Related problems like bone spurs and the build up of scar tissue exacerbate the problem. The shoulder is a complex and unstable joint, but it’s also a joint you can’t avoid using. Shoulder pain and loss of mobility caused by dislocation are problems you can’t ignore.

Bracing and rehabilitation exercises will help restore some strength to your shoulder joint and can reduce your risk of a further dislocation, but your range of motion may still be limited, and in younger patients, reoccurrence rates can be as high as 90 percent.

But there is also a wide choice of surgical options available—from the repair and reattachment of damaged ligaments and tendons to a less invasive arthroscopic procedure, which uses a tiny camera to explore the joint, remove scar tissue and make repairs on a smaller scale. Rest and rehab will still be required, but an experienced surgeon can repair your joint, help relieve your shoulder pain, and return a fuller range of motion.

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Vivek Sharma, M.D. of Colonial Orthopaedics
 Dr. Sharma joined Colonial Orthopaedics after completing fellowship training at Harvard Sports medicine and cartilage repair center in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Sharma was selected as one of Richmond Magazine’s “Top Docs” in Sports Medicine for 2010. Dr. Sharma is also Board Certified in Family Medicine and believes that his medical background helps him tremendously to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to his patients.

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