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Breast Reconstruction Explained by Dr. Aboutanos.

Dr. Aboutanos of Richmond Plastic Surgeons discusses breast reconstruction.

Do you have breast cancer and need to discuss breast reconstruction?

Many women feel powerless when facing a breast cancer diagnosis. By meeting with a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstructive surgery, women are able to discuss the type of reconstruction they're interested in, and what their goals are with that reconstruction.

There are many options in breast reconstruction. The decision depends on what each patient is looking for. A plastic surgeon like Dr. Aboutanos is able to help a patient achieve their breast reconstruction goals.

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Sharline Aboutanos, M.D. of Richmond Plastic Surgeons
Dr. Aboutanos has extensive training in breast reduction, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation and all types of cosmetic surgery. She has presented her work at national and international meetings, received awards, and published on these topics. She was recognized for her dedication to patients and work ethic with both Intern of the Year and S. Dawson Theogaraj Scholarship Awards. Dr. Aboutanos is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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