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Looking for Additional O.R. Space? Want More Time to Care for Your Patients?

At MEDARVA Stony Point and West Creek Surgery Centers, we value your time. Our average turnover time is 20 minutes or less. Many of our surgeons say they can perform twice as many cases at MEDARVA than at a hospital. For you, that means less time wasted waiting in a break room for your next case.

"You don't know how important and rare it is to have a surgery actually start on time. MEDARVA West Creek Surgery Center is leaps and bounds above hospitals for OR time."
Lewis Ladocsi, MD

Lewis T. Ladocsi, M.D., F.A.C.S.



MEDARVA Surgery Centers place the utmost importance on patient safety. In recognition of this, Stony Point was honored with the National OR Excellence Patient Safety award. Stony Point also maintains a remarkably low infection rate. Surgical site infections, which occur in roughly 5% of hospital patients, are rare at Stony Point and West Creek. Stony Point’s rate is 0.013%, which is quite impressive.

  • Full time Anesthesiologists on our staff:
    • Board Certified
    • ACLS and PALS certified
    • Years of experience
    • Fellowship Trained in Pediatric Anesthesia
    • Fellowship Trained in Cardiac Surgery Anesthesia
    • Fellowship Trained in Regional Blocks

dicon logoMEDARVA Surgery Centers are members of Duke Infection Control Outreach Network (DICON).


MEDARVA Surgery Centers boast a low average turnover time. There are no shift changes, so the staff works hard to ensure efficiency between each case. This not only means that your patients get in and get out quickly, it also means that you can fit more cases into your day. In fact, many of our surgeons can perform twice as many cases at Stony Point and West Creek than at a hospital, due simply to the rooms turning over in an efficient manner.


Having a seasoned staff in Pre-Op and the OR ensures the highest level of care is paid to each patient at MEDARVA Surgery Centers.

    • All of our CRNA’s come to us with years of experience and are ACLS and PALS certified
    • The OR Nurses are ACLS Certified
    • The Pre-Op/PACU Nurses are ACLS and PALS certified
    • 186 Board Certified physicians encompassing 15 different specialties


On average, a procedure at MEDARVA Surgery Centers cost about 53% what it would at a hospital. With today’s high deductible plans and skyrocketing healthcare pricing, Stony Point and West Creek provide a high-value, low-cost option for outpatient procedures.

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