Understanding vertigo

Dr. Shaia discusses his specialty, Otolaryngology, as well as his extensive knowledge on the condition of Vertigo.



Julie: Hi, I am Julie Bragg and I am here with Dr. Wayne Shaia, and you are an otolaryngologist.

Dr. Shaia: Yes Ma’m.

Julie: What does that mean?

Dr. Shaia: Otolaryngology is a regional specialty of the ears, the nose, and the throat. So, we handle all problems that deal with ears, with balance, nose, sinus infections, as well as any issues with the throat and swallowing.

Julie: What do you do most commonly?

Dr. Shaia: I subspecialized in just ears, so I deal mostly with vertigo, balance, and any aspect of ear disease.

Julie: How do you treat vertigo?

Dr. Shaia: Well, first, when you are treating vertigo, you need to isolate the cause of the vertigo. Vertigo simply means dizziness or spinning sensation. Often people get that diagnosis and they think that that is what they have, when indeed there is something causing it. So there are many different things that can cause vertigo, from something called Ménière’s disease, positional vertigo, migraine headaches can also cause it, there is a whole laundry list we go through to sort of figure out what is causing the vertigo and then we can treat our patient.

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