Dr. Michael Armstrong Discusses Ear Tubes

Dr. Michael Armstrong, of Richmond ENT, talks about ear tubes - the most common procedure for children - with Jessica Noll from CBS6 Virginia This Morning.



Jessica Noll: It’s the most common procedure performed on children in this country. Dr. Michael Armstrong with Richmond ENT is talking about ear tubes. Doctor, it’s common but when do you know it’s necessary?

Dr. Michael Armstrong: Many of these children have had four infections or more in the last six months. They’ve had painful nights without sleep. Sometimes they’ve had fluid persisting for more than three months, blocking their hearing. Once those problems have occurred then they’re often recommended for surgery.

Jessica Noll: What does surgery look like?

Dr. Michael Armstrong: Well we simply make an opening into the ear drum, suction the fluid out, and button a tube into the hole. They wake up and they’re ready to go home 15 minutes later.

Jessica Noll: And then recovery after that?

Dr. Michael Armstrong: Generally they do very well at home. They need breakfast and a nap and they’re ready to play in the afternoon.

Jessica Noll: All right, and swimming after that?

Dr. Michael Armstrong: Absolutely. As long as the water is clean they can swim all they want.

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