Cleft Lip and Palate

Dr. Sharline Aboutanos with Richmond Plastic Surgeons discusses cleft palate.



Jessica Noll: It’s Jessica Noll today with Sharline Aboutanos with Richmond Plastic Surgeons. We’re talking today about cleft lip and palate. This is a condition that you see often?

Dr. Aboutanos: Mostly it’s a condition that we diagnose in babies who are newborns. Sometimes we know about it prenatally and are able to offer counseling to the parents. And then we take the parents and the family through the child’s treatment, which can take several years in different stages, depending on the symptoms the baby has.

Jessica Noll: And then follow up care can last into adulthood?

Dr. Aboutanos: That’s right. We follow the patient through their childhood and then through adolescence to make sure the child is growing without problems. Then if they need anything in adulthood, we would see them throughout their adulthood as well.

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