What is a retina surgeon?

What is a retina surgeon? What is a retina? What can happen to the retina? Dr. Astruc answers these questions in this medical minute.



Julie: Hi, I am Julie Bragg and I am here with Dr. Juan Astruc of the Retina Institute of Virginia. You are a retina surgeon, what does that really mean in layman’s terms? Dr. Astruc: Well, the retina is the back of the eye, similar to the film of a camera, and there are many conditions that can affect the retina and cause vision problems. Julie: What types of patients do you treat the most? Dr. Astruc: There are a lot of conditions that affect the retina. One of the main ones is diabetes. It can affect the retina in many different ways. Another big condition is macular degeneration that affects millions of patients across the country. Julie: What are some of the symptoms patients might see to know they need to get in to see their eye doctor? Dr. Astruc: Right, well, just general blurred vision that does not come and go, that is more permanent, any type of wavy vision where a straight line that should be straight turns crooked, or any new spots in their vision.

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