Dr. Eugene Park discusses kidney stones with Jessica Noll

Dr. Eugene Park of Urology Specialists of Virginia discusses the causes, symptoms and treatment of kidney stones. To learn more, visit www.medarva.com.



Jessica Noll: I'm Jessica Noll. I'm with Dr. Eugene Park. He’s an urologist with Urology Specialists of Virginia. We’re talking about something that affects men and women; kidney stones.

Jessica Noll: Dr. Park, what are they and how do they form?

Dr. Eugene Park: Kidney stones are basically large crystals in the urine

Jessica Noll: Why are kidney stones happening?

Dr. Eugene Park: The bottom line is that people aren’t drinking enough water to flush things out, to keep things from crystallizing out, so dehydration is the common underlying problem for forming kidney stones. If the kidney stones are small enough, we hope that they can pass on their own. That means just drinking lots of water and pain medication to help control the symptoms and hopefully they pass out the urinary tract without needing any intervention. Sometimes kidney stones can be big enough or problematic enough they won’t pass on their own and then we talk about different treatment options.

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