Can you reverse previous surgeries?

OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology specialist Dr. Lucidi explains that it is possible for a woman to get pregnant even after surgical sterilization. Though the chances of getting pregnant are lower, women who have had their "tubes tied" do have the option to try a reverse surgical procedure or in vitro fertilization if they wish to get pregnant.



Julie: So if a woman has had a tubal ligation or if a man has had a vasectomy, can you always reverse that?

Dr. Lucidi: Not always.  If she has had a surgical sterilization or if he has had a surgical sterilization, we have two options, one is to try to surgically correct the procedure and reverse it so that she is able to conceive naturally, and the second option is to bypass the obstruction and obtain conception with in vitro fertilization.

Julie:Let’s talk about in vitro fertilization, and the other tools in your toolbox.  What are some of the most common things that you are doing now to help couples have the family they want?

Dr. Lucidi:  Well we have a full range of treatment options, depending on what the etiology of the infertility or the etiology of the problem is.  We can do everything from simple treatments like ovulation induction with oral medications, to ovulation induction with injectable medications, intrauterine inseminations, to in vitro fertilization, and what in vitro fertilization is, is where we stimulate the woman to make eggs and then we take those eggs out of her body into our Petri dish, so we that can fertilize them in the laboratory or in vitro.  After we fertilize the eggs in vitro, we now have embryos, so it is those eggs we put back into the uterus, so you don’t need fallopian tubes, just a uterus and functioning ovaries for that to happen.

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