Hand Pain

Dr. Frankenhoff specializes in the treatment of hand and wrist arthritis, minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery, Dupuytren's disease, surgical and non-surgical treatment of tendonitis, repetitive use injuries, and all traumatic injuries of the hand and wrist.



Julie: Hi, I’m Julie Bragg and I am here with Dr. Jessica Frankenhoff, and you are a surgeon. What do you specialize in?

Dr. Frankenhoff: I specialize in hand surgery, and that encompasses various surgeries, such as the most common ones that you would see are carpal tunnel surgery, surgery of the thumb, arthritic surgery, and then all sorts of trauma surgeries.

Julie: So what can you do for carpal tunnel syndrome and what is the recovery like for your patients?

Dr. Frankenhoff: The surgery involves cutting a ligament in the hand, but you can do it through a small incision and put a scope in with a tiny camera in and cut it that way. It takes ten minutes, people are in and out the same day. And it depends on what kind of work you do, you can go back to work the next day. If you do secretarial work or if you do heavy manual labor, then you would probably want to wait about three weeks before you start lifting heavy things.

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