Turning a couple into a family

OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology specialist Dr. Lucidi explains the joy and satisfaction of helping families conceive.



Julie:  So how does it feel when you have turned this couple into a family and you see them down the road?

Dr. Lucidi:   Well, that’s why I do that.  That is what makes this whole process worthwhile, especially when they come back later and they bring their children by to show them off, and also when they come back for their second pregnancy.  I’ve had patients come from across the country back to see me in order to attempt conception again, so that definitely makes it all worthwhile.

Julie:  Any humorous stories you want to share?  

Dr. Lucidi:    Hmmm... sure!  My wife has told me on several occasions that she will be out at the grocery store or at the mall, and somebody says,  "Are you Mrs. Lucidi?" and she says, "Yes".  "Your husband got me pregnant!"  And she says, "You too?  Congratulations."

Julie:  I am sure she is proud because I am sure she shares that joy with you, when you know you have had that next successful case.

Dr. Lucidi:  I am sure she is.

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