How young are your patients?

Pediatric Urologist Dr. Winslow explains that he can begin treatments very early on in a child's development. He even offers counseling to expectant mothers who have been advised to see a pediatric urologist based on existing prenatal criteria.



Julie: How young are the patients you operate on when you do go ahead into the OR?

Dr. Winslow: As a general rule for a non-life threatening problem, we would like the child to be at least 6 months old, and it has to do more with considerations by our anesthesiologists. Beyond about six months, the child’s respiratory drive is safe. They are big enough to be easy to put an IV in. We certainly operate on much smaller children though if they have dangerous obstructive conditions, and we actually see the unborn. We have plenty of consultations with moms who come with a video from the maternal fetal medicine. “They saw this, and what do you think about this?” And it gives us a chance to counsel them about what we would do after the child is born. What are the prospects? How do we monitor? So we get involved very early and stay with it for a long time.

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