What's next with technology

OB/GYN and Reproductive Endocrinology specialist Dr. Lucidi explains how advancements in technology have helped make in vitro fertilization more comfortable for the patient.



Julie:   Where is technology taking you now or how has it-obviously it has changed the way you do your job as you move forward-but what’s next, maybe? Is that a good question?

Dr. Lucidi:  Sure.   A lot of the technological advances that we have currently are aimed to make it more patient friendly-- the treatments. For example, in the old days in in vitro fertilization we would do the egg retrieval laparoscopically, so it was a surgical procedure where we put a camera into her belly and take the eggs out of her ovaries that way, which meant some down time for her and a lot of discomfort. Now we do it under ultrasound guidance with a very small needle that goes into the ovary. She still gets anesthesia but it is nowhere near as uncomfortable and nowhere near as much down time afterwards. Other advances are the way we give medications, for example, in the old days of in vitro fertilization, we would do intramuscular injections, now most of the injections are subcutaneously which are much less uncomfortable.

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