What is interventional spine care?

What is an interventional spine therapist? What do they do? Dr. Michael DePalma answers these questions, and also provides insight into common back pain symptoms.



Julie: Hi, I am Julie Bragg here with Dr. Michael DePalma and Dr. DePalma, you are an interventional spine specialist. What does that mean?

Dr. DePalma:Interventional spine care is a subspecialty in which specially trained physicians diagnose and treat a wide array of painful spinal disorders using things like physical therapy, certain medications, and when appropriate, x-ray guided non-operative techniques.

Julie: What are some of the common symptoms that patients have and then they come to see you for help?

Dr. DePalma: 80% of individuals are affected by low back pain at some point in their lifetime, and the most common source of low back pain is injury of a disk.  Advances in technology have allowed us to more accurately diagnose the source of symptoms so that we can more definitively treat them and get the patient back to a better quality of life more quickly.

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