Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Sharline Aboutanos discusses breast reconstruction.



Jessica Noll: I'm Jessica Noll with Dr. Sharline Aboutanos with Richmond Plastic Surgeons. We're talking today; women facing a breast cancer diagnosis feel powerless and like they've lost control. They often work with you to regain a sense of peace of mind.

Dr. Aboutanos: That's right. I meet many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and we discuss at length and we discuss the type of reconstruction that they're interested in and what their goals are for reconstruction and then we devise a plan that helps them plan for their future; and discuss the risks and benefits of that plan.

Jessica Noll: Many are surprised there are so many options to consider.

Dr. Aboutanos: There are many options and it really just depends on the patient and what they're looking for. I try to help them achieve the goal they're looking to achieve.

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