What is a pediatric urologist?

Pediatric Urologist Dr. Winslow explains that the practice of pediatric urology includes anything in regards to abnormalities in the kidneys, urinary tract, excretory organs or genitals in children.



Julie: I am Julie Bragg, and I am here with Dr. Boyd Winslow. Dr. Winslow, you are a pediatric urologist. So what does that really mean?

Dr. Winslow: A pediatric urologist is a specialist in the care of children who have disorders in their urinary tracts.

Julie: What are the most common problems that you treat?

Dr. Winslow: Well, there are lots of problems. The urinary tract of course runs from the kidneys down to the excretory organs, the penis, or the urethra, and anything in between. We also deal with other genital issues, the boy’s testicles, for example. People would think it is not very common, but actually 40% of all congenital abnormalities are in the urinary tract in children.

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