Dr. Bryan Brooks, of Richmond Eye Associates, discusses cataracts with Jessica Noll from CBS6 Virginia This Morning.



Jessica Noll: I'm Jessica Noll with Dr. Bryan Brooks of Richmond Eye Associates revealing just how common cataracts are. Doctor, this happens to everyone?

Dr. Bryan Brooks: Just about everybody develops cataracts at some point in their life.

Jessica Noll: Are there symptoms that you would recognize or loved ones might see?

Dr. Bryan Brooks: Oftentimes people just find that their vision is a little cloudy, like there's a film over the vision. Many times you'll see problems with nighttime glare when you're driving with headlights coming at you.

Jessica Noll: So once this has been determined what are some of the treatment options?

Dr. Bryan Brooks: Often times we'll try to update the glasses at first. But if that doesn't help, oftentimes it does require a surgery to rehabilitate the vision.

Jessica Noll: And if you're facing surgery, what should you expect?

Dr. Bryan Brooks: It's actually a very routine surgery. It takes 10 - 15 minutes and most people are doing their normal activities within the first day or so after.

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