Shoulder Dislocation

Dr. Vivek Sharma discusses shoulder dislocations with Jessica Noll from CBS6 Virginia This Morning.



Jessica Noll:I’m Jessica Noll. It’s the most common point of dislocation in the body. We’re talking with Dr. Vivek Sharma from Colonial Orthopaedics about shoulder dislocation. Doctor, what is it?

Dr. Vivek Sharma:The shoulder is a complex ball and socket joint. It moves in multiple directions. In dislocation the ball falls out of the socket and sometimes can cause some damage to the tendons and ligaments of the joint.

Jessica Noll:We’ve talked about it being common. What are the long-term effects of this happening?

Dr. Vivek Sharma:In young patients especially, the risk of recurring dislocation is very common and as high as about 90%.

Jessica Noll:What are the treatment options available?

Dr. Vivek Sharma:In most patients, non-surgical treatment – bracing and exercises – helps to restore the joint and prevent future dislocations. But in some patients who fail conservative management a surgical option is explored, such as repairing the torn ligaments and tightening the capsule of the joint.

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