Difficulty Breathing Through Nose

Dr. Bridges and Dr. Gibbons discuss patients who cannot breathe through their nose.



Jessica Noll: I’m Jessica Noll and I’m with Dr. Matthew Bridges and Dr. Patrick Gibbons, both with Commonwealth Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists. We’re talking today about folks who can’t breathe through their nose. What is causing this when you have a patient that comes to see you?

Dr. Matthew Bridges: Well, there can be lots of causes. Nasal allergy is one of the more common things we see that can lead to polyps and other things. That’s typically where the issue inside the nose is just swollen. But there can be structural abnormalities in the nose that can cause obstruction and that may need to be surgically repaired.

Jessica Noll: These kinds of abnormalities; does it require surgery?

Dr. Patrick Gibbons: If it’s something like a deviated septum or a mass, then that patient may need surgery. But if it’s something like nasal allergies, like Dr. Bridges suggested or some kind of inflammation problem, then many times medication will take care of the problem.

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