When to make an appointment?

Pediatric Urologist Dr. Winslow discusses normal and abnormal genital development in infants.



Julie: When I was a new mom who has a son, I was not really sure the way things should look when they are so tiny, so I guess it is better to just ask, make the appointment? Dr. Winslow: We welcome the opportunity if you are worried about it. The last thing we want is for you to be worried about the appearance. You know, of course, your pediatrician can help, but one of the things that pediatric surgeons and pediatric urologists have to do is be mindful of where the child is in development. Every baby has a lot of fat under their skin. That is the good Lord’s way of insulating them against vacillations in temperature, and sometimes that baby fat, which is not the same as obesity, can get in the way of seeing the penis protrude, but we would rather have the chance to look and tell you, because there can be some who have scarring that can be released while they are little, and there are some where we are simply going to tell you, you know what, he is going to outgrow that. You are not alone in that idea, “Gee, it just doesn’t look right, but I was not sure what the norm is”. That is where we can help you.

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