Richmond Ophthalmologist Answers Questions About Cataracts with Jessica Noll from CBS6 Virginia This Morning, including what cataracts are, why they happen and what can be done about them.



Jessica Noll: I'm Jessica Noll and I'm here with Dr. Tami Flowers, an ophthalmologist. People are familiar with cataracts, but what are they?

Dr. Flowers: Cataracts are just a cloudiness of your natural lens. They occur in all of us, as we get older. They do not harm or damage the eye and nothing has or needs to be done about them.

Jessica Noll: Who is a typical patient that would see you to maybe do something about cataracts?

Dr. Flowers: We see patients of all different ages that come in and start developing cataracts. A lot of patients, though, are a little bit older – probably in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

Jessica Noll:

Dr. Flowers: A lot of my patients come in and they’ll notice just general blurred vision, just not seeing as well as they’d like to. Sometimes they notice more trouble with glare or headlights. Driving at night becomes more of an issue. You know, their glasses start to feel like they’re cloudy and they’re trying to clean them all the time. So there can be a lot of different symptoms for each patient.

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